Copyright & Fair Use for Schools

David Bradford, SDSL Digital Resource Coordinator, and I worked on a document which we hope you will find helpful as you explore the complicated world of copyright. It's linked in my Pearltrees Collection titled (wait for it...) Copyright & Fair Use. This curated collection has lists sorted by general, free-to-use images, free-to-use digital books, and attribution.

copyright image

This web course titled Copyright for Educators is a good one for not only librarians but teachers as well. You'll learn about the basics of copyright including fair use for educators. The course is free and self-paced and the time commitment is less than what it reads.

My favorite curation tool, Padlet, has undergone changes in terms of its payment structure so I've been using Pearltrees instead and am liking it. Also, the jury is still out, but I think Pearltrees may be less cumbersome for the end-user - you!  I do, however, still use and like Padlet very much for its message board, quizzing features, and general visual nature.

Disclaimer: The South Dakota State Library does not endorse any service, product, or recommendation listed in this blog.


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