SDSL Databases Access Made Easier!

The South Dakota State Library has made it easier for SD residents to access the 50+ SDSL-provided databases/electronic resources thanks to GeoIP. This new service provides "click and go" access regardless of whether patrons are at school, at home, at a coffee shop, or on a road trip IN South Dakota.

Folks, that means not having to use your school's eCard anytime you or students want to access the databases away from school!

Yes, that's right. Your professional life just got a little easier.

SD State Library GeoIP

South Dakota residents now have the same access off-campus/at home as what they'd get inside schools with IP authentication. As long as students are physically located within the State of South Dakota, they will no longer need an SDSL ecard log-in when accessing databases out of school.

You know that long 14 digit number and the all-caps password that is not the easiest to remember? You won't need it at-the-ready. Note: your school will still have the same SDSL ecard though; you never know when dealing with technology! Back-ups are a must.  ; )

This is something that South Dakota school librarians should share with teachers, students, and parents - perhaps using your regular library newsletter, an email, a blog post, or a posting in the school announcements.

For more information on this exciting new offering from the State Library, visit this page.

And, lastly, a big shout out to SD State Library's two librarians who took on this endeavor. Thank you, David Bradford and Nina Mentzel!


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