When one collaborates, one uses communication strategies needed to fully participate.

Here are a few tidbits I scribbled down at the AASL conference: 

it’s all about community building; collaboration often makes you question your belief system because you hear opinions and ideas of others; a great way to negotiate meaning in one’s life; often helps make the problem solving process easier for kids; builds skills of 21st century learners in a diverse, collaborative world; companies seek those who have the ability to communicate effectively

How can librarians lead in the library and the school?

  • Explicitly teach communication strategies like questioning, listening, compromise, and negotiation.
  • Create group norms and goals when establishing learning groups.
  • Release control and allow groups to become more independent as their collaboration skills develop.
  • Encourage students to use a variety of communication tools and resources.
  • Cultivate relationships with staff.
  • Routinely practice collaboration by sharing work with staff in a variety of ways.


Short Student Video
and more!

P.S. Find an overview of the new AASL standards here and Foundation #1 (Inquire) here, and Foundation #2 (Include) here.


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