AASL Standards: ENGAGE #6

When one engages, one demonstrates safe, legal and ethical creating and sharing of knowledge while engaging in 

Are you still engaged after ALL six foundations?! 😉

Here are a few tidbits I scribbled down at the AASL conference:
Our society has shifted from industrial to conceptual; learners will compete in a more global community so it's essential that they know who to work independently and contribute collaboratively; learners need to blend skills, knowledge, and dispositions to contribute to the ethical exchange of ideas.

How can librarians lead in the library and in the school?
  • Model and facilitate positive digital citizenship.
  • Routinely determine students' understanding of ethical participation and use that information to guide instruction at each grade level.
  • Teach students about their responsibility to use information and ideas legally and ethically.
  • Encourage students to select technology tools to personalize and share their learning.
  • Inservice teachers about the ethical use of information and all that it means: copyright, plagiarism, acceptable use, citation, confidentiality, etc. 
  • Form or participate in a local professional group that looks at technology and use policies and practices at the district and school level.

P.S. Find an overview of the new AASL standards here and Foundation #1 (Inquire) here, and Foundation #2 (Include) here, Foundation #3 (Collaborate) here, and Foundation #4 (Curate) here, and Foundation #5 (Explore) here.


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