April is School Library Month!

How are you gearing up for School Library Month?

Every April school librarians around the country celebrate School Library Month. They do this promoting and hosting activities to that promote how strong school library programs can help patrons make connections to learning and the world around them.

New this year is AASL's handy resource guide of activities and ideas to help you plan for four weeks of celebration with the weekly subthemes:
Making Learner Connections
Making Educator Connections
Making Community Connections
Making Global Connections

Take a look at the website for free printables and downloads, ideas and activities, proclamations, and a video from this year's spokesperson, New York Times bestselling author, Jason Reynolds.

From Jason Reynolds... "Here's what I know: I know there are a lot — A LOT — of young people who hate reading. I know that many of these book haters are boys. I know that many of these book-hating boys, don't actually hate books, they hate boredom. If you are reading this, and you happen to be one of these boys, first of all, you're reading this so my master plan is already working (muahahahahahaha) and second of all, know that I feel you. I REALLY do. Because even though I'm a writer, I hate reading boring books too.

Here's what I plan to do: NOT WRITE BORING BOOKS."


P.S. SDLA and SDSL will announce the winners of the Prairie and YARP award during Nat'l Library Week, April 8-14. Voting open until April 1!


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