Back-to-school Basics: 2019-20 Edition

Here are some off-the-top-of-the-head ideas for prepping for this year in the school library:


Have you???
  • Introduced yourself to new staff in person and by email? Think about your good ol' elevator speech. What do you do in a few sentences or less? Why should people care? 
  • Reached out to staff in a staff meeting and/or by email? Have you communicated what you do and what you can do for them? Have you shared library resources, programming, Makerspace info., schedule changes, updates?
  • Touched base with your administrator IN PERSON? 
  • Made your Back-to-School newsletter with vital resources like SDSL K-12 free databases, the new 2019 School Library Standards, new books, and resources for school-specific programming/initiatives?
  • Updated your virtual library/website? 
  • Updated your management/OPAC system?
  • Updated any curation lists?
  • Scheduled orientation for new students or new-to-the-school classes. You could go big and do a Back-to-School BreakoutEDU experience!
  • Organized a yearly outline with celebrations, programs, curricular events, author visits, book fairs, testing, etc? Perhaps share this calendar with staff?
  • Created and shared any booking/check-out calendars for media carts, labs, library times, etc.?

Disclaimer: The South Dakota State Library does not endorse any service, product, or recommendation listed in this blog.


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