Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Resource Share

If you don't know about the website We Are Teachers, you should. It's packed full of quick, easy, practical advice and resources for teachers and librarians.

For instance, they've published an article titled 13 Classroom Books for Teaching About Martin Luther King Jr. and it's a good one for building your library collection or for sharing with your staff.

I'll highlight five from the list that would be particularly good for the school library:

Disclaimer: The South Dakota State Library does not endorse any service, product, or recommendation listed in this blog.

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The Room for Requirement: Resource Share

If you work in any type of library in any capacity The Room for Requirement is a must-listen! Really, if you're human, it's a requirement.

The Room for Requirement is an episode from This American Life  -  a radio show staple around the world published by WBEZ Chicago. It's also routinely listed one of the top five podcasts on iTunes.

I'll leave you with two binge-worthy podcast series: Serial and S-Town - both from WBEZ.

Disclaimer: The South Dakota State Library does not endorse any service, product, or recommendation listed in this blog.

World Read Aloud Day | 2019

Literacy belongs to everyone. As librarians, we know that. 
How can we deliberately celebrate and honor this basic right?

With... World Read Aloud Day

The 10th annual #WorldReadAloudDay is February 1, 2019! Here are a few resources to help you promote World Read Aloud Day with all students regardless of age:

Lit World is the go-to for celebrating World Read Aloud Day (WRAD). It's loaded with hosting ideas, printables, downloadables, guides, a free downloadable book to accompany your celebration, and more! 
Perhaps, you'll keep it simple and do a school-wide Drop Everything and Read Aloud? Maybe you'll keep it in the library and host a Read-A-Thon? Or maybe you'll make it super fun with a special school-wide assembly with character costume shows or special readings from school staff.

ReadWriteThink is a site endorsed by the Nat'l Council of Teachers of English. It focuses on providing quality practices and free resources in reading and language arts. Read Write Think…

THE LIST: Collect+Connect

I hope you find this list useful in your professional life: THE LIST: Collect+Connect

In it, you'll find a chronological listing of posts from this blog in addition to all of the Tech Roundups!  I'll update and share this document regularly on this blog and via the SDSL school library listserv.
Content on the Collect+Connect blog is for all types of educators, not just school librarians so feel free to share!

Don't forget, you can always search the Collect+Connect blog itself by label/tag, keyword, or date. And you can certainly save this document or star it in your Google Drive too.
THE LIST: Collect+Connect
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Tech Roundup! Edu Podcast Network

If you're into podcasts or you're are wondering how to dive into them, the EduPodcast Network is a good one to start within the educational world.

All of the podcasts on this network are produced by educators and content ranges from current events in education, technology, best practices, and latest editorials.

My favorite show on this network is The Cult of Pedagogy podcast. Gonzales interviews real educators, students, administrators and parents about school, tips of the trade, and all kinds things pedagogy.

Podcasts aren't just for adults, there are plenty of them for kids too. I've linked a variety of educational podcasts for adults and kids on this collection titled Digital Books for SD Librarians & Educators. You can also click/tap on any resource within the image below to access that particular resource.

Digital Books for SD Librarians & Teachers, by alissamadams

For help on how to begin listening to a podcast, this may be helpful.

P.S. Here's an ongoi…

SDSL Databases Access Made Easier!

The South Dakota State Library has made it easier for SD residents to access the 50+ SDSL-provided databases/electronic resources thanks to GeoIP. This new service provides "click and go" access regardless of whether patrons are at school, at home, at a coffee shop, or on a road trip IN South Dakota.

Folks, that means not having to use your school's eCard anytime you or students want to access the databases away from school!

Yes, that's right. Your professional life just got a little easier.

South Dakota residents now have the same access off-campus/at home as what they'd get inside schools with IP authentication. As long as students are physically located within the State of South Dakota, they will no longer need an SDSL ecard log-in when accessing databases out of school.

You know that long 14 digit number and the all-caps password that is not the easiest to remember? You won't need it at-the-ready. Note: your school will still have the same SDSL ecard thou…

Learn a Foreign Language Month

December is Learn a Foreign Language Month and did you know the State Library has several databases specific to foreign language for language acquisition, assistance, and development.
In addition to the databases listed below, check out the full list of 50+ databases/eresources offered free of charge to all South Dakota citizen including its students, parents, and educators. Pronunciator
With Pronunciator patrons can learn over 80 different languages. In addition, there are also 50 English as a New Language (ENL) courses which includes oral phrases, flash cards, learning guides, and live online instruction.

Procitizen in English & in Spanish
Procitizen is an interactive course is for those preparing to take the Naturalization Test.

This database is for early readers pairing 135+ animated stories with a nonfiction talking book on a similar subject. Many of these pairings are also accessible in Spanish.

World Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (Spanish Language Encyclope…

Grants for School Libraries

Recently I've received several inquiries about grants for school libraries so I'd thought I'd share a few tidbits. Remember, if you're subscribed to the SDSL School Library Listserv, it's an excellent way to crowdsource ideas for grants and funding.

All of the sources below and more are curated on my Pearltrees Collections titled Grants for School Libraries.

General Sources...
First Book: firstbook.orgOpen eBooks: openebooks.netNational Endowment for the Arts: complete listing of grants via ALA (for funding, professional development, travel, research, etc.) Publishers often offer grants and avenues for freebies and funding. Here are a few to get you started:
Scholastic: And if you're willing …