Brookings High School Library Keeps the Light On

For a week each September, school libraries and other types of libraries celebrate National Banned Books Week. The week spotlights current and historical attempts to censor books in libraries and in schools. Each year plays on a different theme and this year's theme was “Censorship Leaves Us in the Dark: Keep the Light On.”

Check out this article from the Brookings Register about how high school teacher-librarian Jean Kirschenman worked with another educator to teach students about topics such as censorship, democracy, and the freedom to read.
Spoiler alert: a cool breakout room activity was involved!

Of course, this subject doesn't start and end in one week, to learn more about the topic of banned books and censorship visit ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom webpage.

Transliteracy and the School Library

Simply put, it's the ability to read, write, interact, and collaborate across and throughout a range of platforms, contexts, genres, tools, and media. 

I'll shoot out some phrases that come to mind when thinking about transliteracy...
convergence of literacieslearning being both effective AND diverseunderstand, use, and interact with literacies beyond reading and writingactive participationevolve from consumers to producersadaptationmapping meaningcollaborationliteracy is a holistic ecologynot linear
At the 2019 TIE conference, I attended a session because it looked intriguing and because it specifically mentioned 'library' in the title. 😊
The session was about transliteracy and it was just so good. Good in a useful, real-life way. Good in an "I can do that" sort of way.
Many thanks to Megan Dingman and Maggie Unterseher of Campbell County School District in Gillette, WY for sharing their work with us. Their presentation titled Transliteracy: …

SD Historical Society Press

Be sure to check out the South Dakota Historical Society Press as we celebrate Native American Day in South Dakota on October 14.

If you're looking for South Dakota and regional history-related books for your library, this is a wonderful outlet. As part of the South Dakota State Historical Society, the Press preserves, researches, and promotes South Dakota's rich and varied culture and heritage by providing award-winning, reputable books for readers of all ages.

I'll highlight three books that might be nice additions to your school library, but know that there are many titles that can support your South Dakota, Native American, and history collections.

THE CHRISTMAS COAT: MEMORIES OF MY SIOUX CHILDHOOD  written by Rosebud Sioux member Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve and illustrated by Ellen Beier

Virginia’s old coat is too small. The cold South Dakota wind blows across the Rosebud Indian Reservation, making her shiver as she walks to school. Virginia dreams of a new coat arrivin…

Reading Aloud & We Are Teachers

We Are Teachers is chock full of classroom and pedagogical ideas presented in a practical, digestible way. I also like that much of the content can be transferred to the library classroom too. They've also got lots of free printables and discounts just for teachers.

In my former life as an ELA teacher, I regularly read aloud to my juniors and seniors. I focused mostly on short stories and picture books because those were MY favorite! Students seemed to enjoy it and that made me proud.

Then when I moved into the library-classroom, and one of my favorite responsibilities was doing read-alouds and book talks.

One of my absolute truths? We are never too old to be read to.

Here are some thoughts I have about reading aloud to all students:

Relaxing and Fun

I understand it's not fun for everyone and it certainly isn't relaxing for others, but for me, I almost always had a captive and engaged audience when I read aloud to students. From my informal observations, students were more…

New Addition! HANDY LINKS Page

I've created a page titled HANDY LINKS on this blog with... wait for it... handy links! It's just one more place to find what you need for your library and for your patrons. Keep in mind the links on this page will be updated regularly.

Okay, bear with me... yes, I know it's a blurry screenshot. 😃

The HANDY LINKS link is sitting next to the SD STATE LIBRARY link and under the title.

Here's what's handy on this new page... 
Dates & Deadlines
Important dates, events, and deadlines for South Dakota school librarians

Curated Resource Lists from SDSL School Libraries via Pearltrees
A variety of topic-related digital resource lists such as Digital Books, Native American resources, SD History, English Language Learning, Cataloging, Media Literacy, Grants, School Library Advocacy, and more

The List: Collect+Connect
A chronological listing of posts from Collect+Connect: A School Library Blog

Resource Guide: SDSL School Libraries
Printable, SDSL School Libraries go-to guide for…

Resource Guide: SDSL School Libraries

I've created a Resource Guide that I'm hoping you find handy on your quest in the school library.

Please feel free to share with staff. They might find the Pearltree's Curated Collections most useful. Topics include digital books, media literacy, social and emotional learning, Native American resources, and teaching SD History.

It will be linked on the SD State Library website under School Libraries AND on the Collect+Connect blog.

Back-to-school Basics: 2019-20 Edition

Here are some off-the-top-of-the-head ideas for prepping for this year in the school library:

Have you???
Introduced yourself to new staff in person and by email? Think about your good ol' elevator speech. What do you do in a few sentences or less? Why should people care? Reached out to staff in a staff meeting and/or by email? Have you communicated what you do and what you can do for them? Have you shared library resources, programming, Makerspace info., schedule changes, updates?Touched base with your administrator IN PERSON? Made your Back-to-School newsletter with vital resources like SDSL K-12 free databases, the new 2019 School Library Standards, new books, and resources for school-specific programming/initiatives?Updated your virtual library/website? Updated your management/OPAC system?Updated any curation lists?Scheduled orientation for new students or new-to-the-school classes. You could go big and do a Back-to-School BreakoutEDU experience!Organized a yearly outline with …

Random Reads

- a smattering of two random reads about libraries, education & growth -
Is perfect the enemy of good? Is overworking something just as bad as failing to polish it?

It’s Never Going to Be Perfect, So Just Get It Done by Tim Herrera

O Shakespeare, Shakespeare, wherefore art thou Shakespeare?

21 Phrases You Use Without Realizing You’re Quoting Shakespeare by Dana Schwartz

Disclaimer: The South Dakota State Library does not endorse any service, product, or recommendation listed in this blog.

School Library Day Camp

Last spring a few school library staff from central South Dakota asked if we could meet up in sort of an EdCamp + Library 101 course + social summit kind of way.  
So... we made the mash-up happen!
A mighty little group of library professionals + a classroom teacher showed up at Kimball School Library ready to connect and learn in an informal way. 
And did we! Take a look at the notes from our time together. My hope is that you'll take away a nugget or two and share with others.
Also, if you're interested in hosting one of these trainings/get-togethers, email Alissa Adams, SDSL School Library Technology Coordinator.

A Successful First Round!

Thirty-seven library and other school staff across South Dakota successfully completed the first round of the one-credit online course An Introduction to the 2019 SD School Library StandardsThis course is part of the Learn & Lead series from the South Dakota State Library and is specifically for school librarians and others who work with and in school libraries including classified staff.

Participants made their way through a digital workbook incorporating a variety of related topics including:
a comparative look at the 2010 and 2019 standardsthe history of the SD School Library Standards the process of standards revision in South Dakota a deeper dive into each strand of proficiency of the new standards.Additional rounds of this course are scheduled for fall 2019 and spring 2019. Registration for the fall session will open in September with 20 virtual seats available.

Here's what recent participants had to say about this course:
...It was exactly what I needed to dive in and ex…